Welcome to the Palisades

The Palisades area is located in Northwest Washington along the Potomac River, between Key Bridge and Chain Bridge. Hugging the Potomac River with its high bluffs and breathtaking sunsets, the Palisades is a treasure of green spaces in the nation's capital.
(PHOTO CREDIT: Hakan Lonaeus)

Welcome to the Palisades

Our area is laced with winding parks where dappled light filters through canopies of old trees. It's filled with quiet streets and dotted with houses all of varying styles, from a loving home originally built as a late 19th century dance hall to detailed Victorian designs to the more modern homes.
(PHOTO CREDIT: Hakan Lonaeus)

Welcome to the Palisades

Ask anyone why we consider this a small town in a big city and you're likely to get the same answer: the people who live here. They are some of the friendliest in Washington.
(PHOTO CREDIT: Hakan Lonaeus)

Welcome to the Palisades

We're an eclectic mix of all ages and sizes, lots of families (and pets) and folks with wide-ranging interests and incomes. But we all care about our community and give a lot to make it special.
(PHOTO CREDIT: Hakan Lonaeus)

Welcome to the Palisades

Whether it's maintaining flower beds in the median lining MacArthur Boulevard, rebuilding the children's playground and landscaping at our local Recreation Center, or creating our own tax-exempt fund to support community projects, this is definitely a community of doers.
(PHOTO CREDIT: Hakan Lonaeus)

Welcome to the Palisades

Our annual July 4 parade, sponsored by local businesses and Palisades t-shirt sales, is a DC tradition after more than 45 years.
(PHOTO CREDIT: Hakan Lonaeus)

Welcome to the Palisades

And increasingly, we're becoming the choice location for a growing number of educational institutions, including our outstanding public Key Elementary School. Our merchants are friendly and our restaurants include some of the best in the city.
(PHOTO CREDIT: Hakan Lonaeus)

Welcome to the Palisades

We are fortunate to call the Palisades our home -- close to the vibrancy of the city yet surrounded by beautiful nature.

Community Announcements


50th Consecutive July 4th Parade and Picnic: Monday, July 4th at 11:00am

Thank you for your interest in the 50th annual Palisades Parade and Picnic – the
best small town parade in DC! Click here for all the details. Please buy a t-shirt to help support the parade. They will be sold for $20 at the Farmers Market and outside of Safeway on Saturdays and Sundays.Click here to see what they look like. They are printed on red shirts.


Sidewalks are Coming to Arizona Ave.

Updated May 17, 2016

The PCA has been advocating for sidewalks along Arizona Ave.We are pleased to report that DDOT has promised a new sidewalk on Arizona Ave between Sherier Pl and Carolina Pl. Click here to read their letter.


It's Time to Make Noise About Airplane Noise!

Updated Ocotber 7, 2015

Do you notice more airplane noise earlier in the morning, later at night, lower over your house and more frequently throughout the day?  It’s not your imagination!  It’s worse due to expanded operations out of Reagan National (DCA) and changes in flight patterns that now send aircraft directly over our neighborhood rather than over the Potomac River.  Now is the time to register a formal complaint and petition to have the flight patterns shifted back over the river and the operations reduced to a reasonable limit.  It only takes a moment and a few clicks. Click here to find out how. The more voices the better, so please spread the word.


Palisades Rec Center Renovation

Updated October 7, 2015

There are upcoming plans to renovate the rec center. Click here to read the project overview. The Palisades Citizens Association conducted a survey to poll the community on what they would like to see (or not see) in the plans. Thanks to everyone who took it. We had a great response -- 449 respondents. Click here to see the summary findings.Click here to see pictures of the rec center.

The PCA Committee that is working with city agencies on plans for the new rec center has created a resolution of draft principles for the new rec center. This resolution was passed at the June 2nd meeting. Click hereto read it.

Click to see the Cover Letter and Historic Landmark Application No. 15-13 for the Palisades Recreation Playground and Field House.

Glen Echo Trolley Right-of-Way

Updated September 17, 2015

The Palisades Citizens Association Trails Committee recently received a grant from the PCA Community Fund to conduct a visualization study to see what surfaces might be appropriate for nonmotorized access to the park from Galena Place to Chain Bridge Road. The committee recommends crushed gravel.

Click here to read the final visualization study.

Click here to read the Principles for Enhancing Non-Motorized Access to the Palisades Recreation Center

Click here to watch a youtube video of the entire trail.

Click here to see a map of the trail.

Click here to see pictures of the trail.

Click here to see photos of Foundry Bridge.

Click here for all the minutes from each committee meeting.


Palisades Farmers Market

The Palisades Farmers market is thriving! Please visit on Sundays, 9:00 - 1:00pm on 48th Place. It's open all year round. Visit their website for more details! Check out this short promotional video by Chelsey Gabrielson.

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