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Vendor Information

The Palisades Farmers Market is a “producer only” market; organic growing methods are preferred. It is not a flea market (sellers can only sell grown or edible items). All items for sale must be grown/produced by the farmer or vendor. No reselling is permitted. All farmers agree to on-site inspections of their growing and producing operations.

Vendors are expected to set-up and sell on all market days, intermittent no-shows are not permitted. Set-up for the Market begins at 8am, and all vendors are expected to arrive on time. Selling begins at 9am and not before, without exception.

The market closes at 1pm and all vendors agree to stay until the end of the market, no early departures. The selling areas must be tidy by 2pm when the street reopens. Vendors agree to leave their stall areas broom swept and to take garbage and debris away from the area as a part of clean up.

Participating vendors agree to comply with all applicable federal, state, and local governmental laws and regulations and obtain any and all necessary licenses, permits, insurance and provide documentation of such compliance.

For more information on becoming a vendor at the market, please submit your vendor application here: Manage My Market. Or contact Market Manager, Jim Coleman.

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