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About the Fund

The Palisades Community Fund (PCF) was established by the Palisades Community Association (PCA) in December 1995 as the grant-making committee of the PCA. All contributions to the PCF are fully tax-deductible. PCF obtains its non-profit status via its affiliation with the Greater Washington Community Foundation. The Community Foundation provides PCF with administrative services, including accounting and bookkeeping as well as investment services and other advice.

The PCF finances projects that promote charitable activities, cultural enrichment, community education and service, economic improvements, and environmental enhancements for the Palisades.

Grants by the PCF have supported a variety of local projects for schools—the Palisades Branch library, beautification of MacArthur Boulevard, landscaping the Rec Center, building lockers for the local fire station, constructing a community information kiosk, and the list goes on.


The Palisades Community Fund Committee meets twice a year to consider requests for grants.

For consideration at its spring meeting, requests should be submitted no later than April 15.

For consideration at the fall meeting, requests should be submitted by October 15.

It’s never too early to start thinking about how you would like to enrich the Palisades if you could get a grant from the PCF!

Next proposal deadline: October 15, 2023


Please consider making a contribution to the PCF to make a real difference in our community that will be enjoyed for many generations to come.

Online contributions can be made at the Greater Washington Community Foundation website. Make sure you pick Palisades Community Fund from the drop-down menu.

Alternatively, you can send a check made out to “The Palisades Community Fund” and mail it to:

The Palisades Community Fund
PO Box 40603
Washington, DC 20016