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PCA October Town Hall on Zoom

Don’t forget to tune in to the OCTOBER TOWN HALL this Tuesday, October 18, at 7:00pm.

Our guest speaker is Cesar Enriquez, DPR Interim Regional Manager, who will be speaking about the programs offered at the Palisades Rec Center, how the space is permitted, future plans for the site, etc. There was a lot of chatter on this listserv about pickleball and tennis. This is your chance to hear how it works.  We will also have the chance to “meet” the candidates running for ANC3D. And of course, Office McElwee will be there with a crime and traffic update. We will also be voting on the 2022–2023 budget. We hope you will join us!

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Meeting ID: 835 5918 0617

Passcode: 235682