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Take the Survey and Make Your Voice Heard!

Dear Neighbors,

The Palisades Community Association has hired a community planning group called Link Strategies to help our community manage and promote the kind of amenities and growth we envision for our community. DC has a Comprehensive Plan for all of DC that will update in 2025. The PCA is taking a proactive role in what this looks like for our area.

The first step is figuring out what our community wants! Link Strategies has created this comprehensive survey to determine just that. We need everyone to participate to collect good data. We are aiming for 1,000 respondents.


The survey will be open until Monday, December 3. Please send to neighbors, friends, and family who live or work in Palisades. It should take about 8 minutes to complete. You do not need to be a member of the PCA to participate. We value EVERYONE’s input. If you would like to join the PCA to help support efforts like this you can do so here. It’s $40/year for a family membership.

Thank you!

Jenny Wieroniey
PCA President